Step out of fears way, and Play a bigger game

Do you have a big vision and a passion to make a difference? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the day to day to make that vision a reality? Does it feel like the longer you leave it, the further away it feels? 

This weekend I was training 22 lovely people who all have a vision to impact the world in positive ways. 

There were so many amazing ideas in the room, once people started to voice and share them within the group. It was really exciting. 

And I have no doubt that every single one of them will impact other people’s lives in some way. These visions will create a wave of change that will affect many more people than those they work with directly. 

But I also heard the other side – all the stuff that holds us back and gets in the way of making those visions a reality.

I know this for myself too. I have moments where I have held myself back. I still have those moments, sometimes daily!! 

I have also come up with some pretty imaginative ways to avoid fully owning my own vision. 

Fear creeps in. Fear of stepping up and playing a bigger game. Fear of speaking up in case someone doesn’t agree. Fear of making a wrong decision

We all feel fear in some way. 

It’s part of being human. 

Sadly, we can’t always eliminate fear entirely. 

But what we can do is get better at recognising when the fear pops up.

And when fear does pop up we become very aware of it, we acknowledge it and then we move through it. 

Read my 3 tips on stepping out of fear’s way on my blog here OR watch the video below

  1. Let go of what other people think. Your vision is far too important to not make it a reality. The longer you stay quiet about it or hide it, the trickier it becomes. Speak up, tell someone who you trust. 
  1. Find your supporters. They are out there, I promise. Start to look for people that share a similar vision to you. Join groups, follow people who inspire you and find your voice to share your vision with others that get it. 
  1. Take your first step. We can’t arrive at our vision until we’ve taken a first step. It doesn’t have to be a big step. It just needs to be a step. Followed by another one and then another. You’ve got to keep going and keep hold of that vision. Keep stepping through the fear. 

Be warned though – your vision might change shape a little along the way. It might actually get bigger and bolder!!

Stay inspired and take one step today to making your vision a reality. 

Remember:  Start small and build from there.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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