Stop allowing fear to hold you back

Does fear still hold you back from having what you want?

Do you feel paralysed to take any action at all?

Do you tell yourself to wait until the perfect time and then take action?

Perhaps you’re waiting for the kids to start school, or for them to leave home. 

Or you’re putting it off because your partner and family won’t support your decision. 

Why are you putting off your soul’s deep burning desires to live your life purposefully and to make a difference? 

I have been asking myself this very question. 

These last 2 weeks I have been on a business retreat in beautiful Mexico.

I was there to step up in my business but also in my life. 

For me my business is a part of me, it’s not just what I ‘do’. So how can they be separate? I am my business.

But on this retreat I recognised a fear in me to really own that and to step up to it. 

Facing my fears meant I would have to do things differently and that felt uncomfortable. 

My fears were different this time, they weren’t shouting and screaming in my face. 

These fears were quietly simmering in the background, but they were tugging at me and holding me back just as strongly.

So I had to listen even harder to those fears in order to let them go. 

That was what this retreat was all about. Letting go of the fears that hold us back in life and business. 

I needed to face my fears. 

We did meditations with well known healers and we worked with Shamen. In this I found a quiet space where I couldn’t ignore my fears any longer.

It was incredible. But it wasn’t easy. 

I have come back calmer and with a renewed clarity of where my business is heading.

So, I am running a Masterclass where I will share the wonders of the Akashic records to create vibrant family relationships. 

The Masterclass is on Wednesday 6th March at 4pm and will reveal:

  • How the Akashic records hold the key to your soul purpose and who you are at soul level
  • How the energy of past life experiences are still holding you back in relationships today
  • How powerfully aligned action will create abundance in your family relationships (and other life areas too) 

We’ll be doing a powerful soul activation mediation so you really don’t want to miss it!

You can sign up for the webinar here, and if you can’t join live then you’ll get the recording. But you need to register.

Here is what I learned about fear in my retreat:

  1. Listen out for the quiet fears. These hold you back just as strongly. Be aware of them and don’t ignore them.
  2. Embrace your fears. We all have them, and we’re not alone. Breathe and release what’s been holding you back. There is light on the other side of fear. 
  3. Set powerful intentions. Be really clear about what you want going forwards. If it doesn’t motivate you enough then the fears will get the better of you. What do you want that’s not negotiable?
  4. Take aligned action. This is so important. We are all busy and we’re already doing a lot! Make sure what you do is aligned to where you’re going and you’ll get there so much quicker

By unlocking our personal fears we can reach new levels in our business. And vice versa. 

Do NOT leave any stone unturned. 

Remember:  Start small and build from there.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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