3 key steps in creating your soul inspired vision

Do you have a vision to create change in the world? 

Are you frustrated by all messages that the world is in distress?

Do you have ideas on how to change that, but not sure how to bring your ideas to life? 

Stepping into this role and doing something to create positive change in the world is really exciting. But it can also be terrifying. 

And fear can get in our way of making our visions of change a reality.  

I’m training a small group at the moment to get really clear about their big visions in creating change in the world. 

I’m blown away by their soul inspired visions. They are amazing, and these people are already making an impact in the world, but are set to make an even bigger one! I love it, and I love the training. 

It inspires me in my own vision to create change in the world. 

The more of us that are supported in making our visions a reality, the quicker that much needed world change will come! I’m on a mission. 

But I know that moving forwards in your vision isn’t always easy. I’ve been paralysed by the same fears that are most likely holding you back and I’ve had to do some deep work on myself to overcome those fears. I’ve also made choices that have truly challenged me. 

I have had to let go of the things that have held me back. 

You will also need to let go of the things that are holding you back. 

You can shine a light on what’s important to you, and in your heart of hearts, you know is important to the world. 

Letting go is bloody uncomfortable. 

But letting go is also necessary. 

Letting go gives you room to breathe. 

Letting go creates valuable space for you to invite in something new. 

It’s allowed me to lean into my own vision to be part of the change our world very much needs.

This is what I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Be ok with being uncomfortable. There are going to be challenges. Things will test you but the challenge is a positive sign you’re creating a shift in your life and moving out of you comfort zone. Do the deep work to look at what’s holding you back.
  1. Take it step by step. We can’t have all the steps figured out. Each step we’re on will inform the next. So don’t rush. Instead keep going, one small step at a time.
  1. Celebrate the step you’re on right now. Even if you’re at the very beginning of this journey remember all the steps you’ve taken to get here. If you have just a couple of clients or you’re further down the line, recognising where you’re at, is an important part of your journey.
  1. Invest in yourself. This is important. Be willing to look after yourself and your own needs. If you’re supported you can support others from a place of strength.
    There is no rush to get it all done and all right. What’s important is you take the first step, then the next one and then the next one. 

I get it, I’ve been there and I’m still going. We don’t suddenly arrive, and have it all sorted. 

We have to keep shedding the layers, keep letting go, keep shifting our vibration to create new results. This is how we move towards our vision. Step by step. 

Remember:  Start small and build from there.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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