The surprising truth about motivation

Do you sometimes jump out of bed in the mornings excited and motivated to get stuck into your day and get going?

Or do you wake up with a sense of dread at all the things you’ve got to do in your business and feel your motivation has decidedly taken the day off?

That’s the thing with motivation. It’s fickle

Sometimes you have motivation and sometimes you simply don’t.

Your day is dictated by your levels of motivation.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What’s missing is a secret ingredient called commitment.

When you know what it is you’re committed to everything changes.

Is it world peace? Is it more connection? Is it a healthier nation? Is it a thriving planet? Is it shifting people’s consciousness? Is it showing people that there are new ways to approaching life and abundance?

In last week’s live training I shared some tips on how to get clear on your commitment and how that will powerfully drive you to success (which motivation alone just can’t do).

Watch the training to discover:

  1. How to get really clear on what’s so important to you that you just won’t stay quiet (watch to the end if your confused about your commitment)
  2. How working on your relationships and/or your health will also move your business forwards
  3. How taking aligned action will fast track you to results…and if you’re still confused about what you’re committed to, stay right to the end where I answer that question.
    Rewrite your script to have a thriving business that supports not only you, but the planet.

    Much love,Natasha x 

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