Redefining Women’s roles in Leadership ~ Guest Speak Dr. Anna Kaminska

I was absolutely delighted to interview the lovely Dr. Anna Kaminska, to look deeper into the subconscious mind and the outdated societal roles that are keeping women from stepping fully into the leadership roles that the world needs right now.

You will love this exciting conversation if:

  • You still experience a massive gap in your leadership role as a woman 
  • You feel like an imposter in your work
  • You recognise you’re still playing small in your business
  • You want to change the way women show up as powerful and compassionate leaders
  • You’re ready to take action to empower yourself as a leader
  • You now want to get out there and have a much bigger impact in the world

…We even talk about the much avoided topic of sexuality in leadership!

In the video below, Anna shares her 4 step formula that will allow you to discover your authentic power and strength so you can rise above any gender inequalities you might be experiencing that are still so deeply ingrained in our societal roles, so we can create a peaceful balance with men and women working equally together.

It’s time to allow your authentic power and strength to shine through.

Are you ready?

Rewrite your script to have a thriving business so you can step onto the path of success and freedom.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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