Using the Moon to bring Harmony & Vitality to Business ~ Guest Speaker Diana Sampson

I really loved this  Soul Wisdom conversation with Diana Sampson, the creator behind Luna Rhythms Yoga  and I’m excited to share it with you all.

Diana guided us through a powerful breathing exercise, connecting us with mudras and sound, that perfectly reflect the moon cycle we are going through.

Creating a deeper love, connection and collaboration with our beautiful planet is at the heart of Diana’s unique system of yoga to bring us back to the healing rhythm of nature, mother earth and the cosmos.

As you become more guided by the cycles of the moon and the seasons, you can create a daily connection with nature in order to bring vitality and harmony into your business.

This is what Diana showed so powerfully last week. I recommend you watch it and connect with Diana here  Luna Rhythms Yoga

Rewrite your script to have a thriving business so you can step onto the path of success and freedom.

Much love,

Natasha x

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