How Much to Charge for What You Love Doing

Do you get stuck setting the prices of your programmes and services?
Do you consistently compare what your competitors are charging?

Do you have sleepless nights worrying about how to make ends meet?

Do you always pay yourself last?

Pricing is something that comes up so often when talking to my clients.

When we’re doing what we love, it’s important that we also get paid for what we love doing, so we can keep doing what we love.

In this week’s Soul Wisdom training, join me for some tips to start thinking about how to structure your prices, so you can tap into the financial abundance that’s within you, and have a thriving business you love!

Stretch yourself – do not sit with comfortable pricing, you need to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, and it will get a little uncomfortable. Sorry!

Don’t compare yourself to others most solopreneurs are broke and on the verge of giving up doing what they are amazing at. Be willing to stand out and do things differently from everyone else.

Being in lack is not a spiritual practice – giving away your services for free or at a really low cost does not help you or your clients. We are all abundant beings, and from a place of abundance we can do amazing things in the world!

Rewrite your script to have a thriving business so you can step onto the path of success and freedom.

Much Love

Natasha x

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