Make your body your best ally for your business ~ Guest Speaker Vanessa Conway

In this episode of the Akashic Soul Wisdom Show I am delighted to introduce guest expert, Vanessa Conway.

Vanessa supports women to fall in love with their bodies again through movement, breathing and self expression.

Better known as the “Body Whisperer”, she is incredible at what she does!

In this episode, Vanessa and I have been chatting about the misconceptions of how we perceive our body as women and how it affects our business.

Our bodies are communicating with us all the time and if we tune in and listen we can take powerful action that will create powerful transformation.

Vanessa shares lots of time about how you can shift your perception from “enemy” to being your best cheerleader 💓

This is a game changing interview!

You can find Vanessa here:

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Much love & abundance

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