New experiences

New places heighten our senses

New smells. New sights. New architecture. New experiences. New cultures.

Infusing the old with the new.

Being in a Sicilian medieval city, with all its grandeur, I wonder how they built these into the hillside

Rebuilt after an earthquake in 1693

What people were able to do without the tools, the ‘science’, the equipment we have today.

The knowledge, the wisdom these cultures had, in order to create these places inspires me.

It reminds me how much wisdom we’ve always had.

How resourceful we are.

Even when things seem impossible to imagine, there’s a way through.

Despite the odds.

Despite what we feel we ‘need’ first.

Hold the vision.

The way forward unfolds.

What you create along the way will likely be a masterpiece.

But have patience… it might take a little longer than you thought.

Keep taking steps forward.

Have people by your side that hold that vision with you.

Encourage you. Inspire you.
Remind you of the vision. Often.

And keep you on track if you momentarily stray from the path.

Each step is a step closer.

Incredible things await you ✨

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