About Natasha

About Natasha

Since setting up Mind Body Soul Energy in 2011 my business has taken many twists and turns.

At the beginning I signed up for every marketing, sales and business course going… I tried it all.

I learned loads and my business was growing, but I didn’t love what I was doing. To be honest I was floundering & I was exhausted.

Working with Energy for many years, I realised there had to be a way to do what I love AND make a success of it.

That’s when I started working more deeply with the Akashic Records & Business Energetics…which now forms the 6 foundational pillars of all of my programmes and mentoring.

Everything in my business is infused with Soul for my clients to leap into next level business, impact, wealth, leadership, love and magic.

As a result my business has gone from strength to strength.

I have come home to ME. I understand what sparks my joy and what turns me on in business.

I love my business and it’s fun. I wake each morning with a flutter of excitement of what the day will bring and who will walk into my life.

I do less, and still amazing souls from all over the world come to work with me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are challenges along the way… but coming home to YOU and what lights you up, allows you to navigate them with confidence and courage.

Working with me and the Akashic Records you will become the magician in your life so you can create the life you desire and even more!

I will activate a stirring deep in your soul to remember who you.

Why Work with me?

Professionally certified with the ICF

Akashic Activator, Business Mentor, Reiki Master, Supervisor and Mindfulness Expert.

Experienced and Established

Guided 100's of beautiful Souls to remember who they are in love, relationships, wellbeing, business and Leadership. Together we are changing the world

Packages to suit all business needs

Natasha offers Akashic Readings, 6 & 12 month 1-2-1 containers, group programmes, group mentoring and supervision