Resources to support you on your journey

Mindfulness Cheat sheet – FREE


This cheat sheet is a quick reference guide for all things Mindfulness. You can use it in any given situation or challenge to ask yourself the right questions and find a solution that works for you. Share it with your friends.


The Mindfulness Gap Ebook - £3.99

All you need to know about Mindfulness to get you Unstuck and Living Your Purpose in 7 (Simple) Steps!
We are now living in particularly challenging times. The world is changing so fast and for many of us we feel like we have to speed up in order to keep up. Learn how to use mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety of daily life and busyness.

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Reconnect to Your Breath Meditation - £1.49

This is a short, 15 minute, guided breathing meditation. The purpose of this meditation is to give yourself permission to take a break of the ‘busy’ and focus on your breath.

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Reconnect with your Heart Meditation - £1.49

This is a short, 15 minute, guided breathing meditation. This is a heart centred breathing meditation for self-healing, self-love and self-responsibility.

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Gratitude for Manifesting E-course - £99

This is a series of training videos that brings a whole new approach to gratitude so that you become the powerful creator of your own experience.

As a bonus I’ve also included the meditation:
Reconnect to the Heart.

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