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Akashic Readings and Healing

The Akashic Records hold the key to understanding your soul’s journey and who you are at soul level. They also hold all the decisions and choices you’ve ever made; in this life and past life times.

Everything is energy and energy cannot be destroyed; only transformed.

All your decisions and choices are energetic expressions of what you manifest and create . They are all stored in the Akashic Records.

By accessing the Akashic Records you can clear the energy of past life decisions that are still holding you back today.

A journey takes time to fully unfold, change doesn’t happen overnight.

But it’s time to move beyond the past that still holds you back from having everything you desire in this lifetime.

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Watch my Mini Class on the Akashic Records Explained

To work with me, you must be committed to yourself and creating change in your life. That means taking new action, so that new results can show up.

Life is an exciting journey when we step fully into it.

akashic Reading & healing session

1 hour Akashic Reading ~ £222
plus 1 week Voxer/Whatsapp Support

In this 1-2-1 session, you will connect deeply with your Soul Wisdom & Power to understand your Soul Gifts. With 1 week of Voxer support you will step more fully into who you are in everyday in life, in business and in relationships. We will also do a past life clearing.

Includes: 1 week Voxer Support ; Past Life Healing & Activation ; Recording of your session


book Mini akashic Experience

2 x 1 hour Akashic Readings ~ £555
plus 1 x 30 min Akashic Activation + 30 days Voxer/Whatsapp Support

Together we will explore and delve into theworld of the Akashic Records, to discover your Soul Power and what past life experiences are still standing in your way of accessing your deepest desires!

In these 1-2-1 sessions, we will go deeper to release the patterns that are holding you back.

Includes: 3 weeks Voxer Support ; Past Life Healing ; Akashic Activation ; Recordings of your session


akashic spirit guide Reading

1 hour Spirit Guide Reading ~ £222
plus 1 week Voxer Support

Do you want to meet your spirit guide team?
Are you ready to hear how they are supporting you to stand in your SoulPower and align to your Soul’s Journey??

I love giving these reading! Not only because they are so much fun, but because your guides have powerful messages they want to share with you.

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Hear how it’s transformed the lives of these amazing souls 🙂

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