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Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzz word, with a multitude of blogs and apps dedicated to this trendy topic. If you’ve tried a popular guided meditation app and “failed”, or you’re struggling to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine, this is the page for you.

What exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about learning how to live our lives in the present moment.

It allows us to let go of the past and not worry so much about future events that may or may not happen. We become more aware of our current thoughts and feelings, and how these affect the way we behave and react.

Simple, right?

It is a simple concept, but how we apply it in our busy lives takes a little practice and a bit of patience;

“Small steps lead to big changes. Making a start today to change one little thing about how you think, feel or react in certain situations will snowball to create much bigger changes as you move forward and start to live your life on purpose.”— Natasha Harris

I don’t believe mindfulness is something we ever perfect and then stop trying. The more we learn, the more we tweak, the more we learn about ourselves and so it goes on. Mindfulness becomes a way of living – not something else you have to do.

We are all different

What works for one person doesn’t always work for someone else; we’ll find the way that works for you.

It’s possible that you have forgotten what you’re good at. We all struggle to recognise our strengths. We’ve got so good at recognising our weaknesses that we can focus on those for quite some time! This can mean that the things we’re good at don’t even get a look in. No wonder we’re so hard on ourselves.

Give yourself a break

You’ll get some things wrong, but it’s ok to make mistakes. How would you learn if you didn’t make a few mistakes every now and again?

Don’t follow what everyone else is doing. Life will always feel like an uphill struggle that way. Make this your own practice. There is no right or wrong way.

This is all about finding YOUR way

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“I now understand what influences my feelings and behaviour I have a better sense of what’s important to me."

Mindfulness Coaching Programme

“I was questioning the direction in my life, and now I am more aware of my decisions and feel less stressed."

Mindfulness Coaching Programme

“I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt. Eight months later I am more confident and happier.”

Mindfulness Coaching Programme

“This has helped me find my best path through any given situation."

Mindfulness Coaching Programme