“There was something niggling that I wasn’t living the life I wanted. It was tough to look at some areas of my life which needed to change, but I was held and supported all the way. I’m now much braver and able to speak my truth. This journey has been life transforming…

I felt I was stuck in a rut and not brave enough to make changes.  There was something niggling that I wasn’t living the life I really wanted.  I tried to make changes but I felt I was going round and round in circles and ending up back at square one.  I felt I was going through life, not really living it but just being in it.

My biggest challenges were being brave enough to communicate how I felt, realising that I needed to make changes but I was happy to let life pass me by, to exist and wait for my day to be over…

If I’m honest I was nervous as I hadn’t had any ‘coaching’ before and had no idea what the Akashic readings would bring up, but I was also excited.

I also won’t lie, it’s been tough in parts.  I’ve looked at areas of my life that, of course needed looking at, but I knew I was held and supported all the way.  Not once did I feel alone or just left to get on with it.  It’s been beautiful and challenging, and it’s opened up so many questions that I know I can’t ignore any longer.

Now, I’m braver and more able to communicate and speak my truth.  I also feel confident in vocalising what I feel

For me, I can’t see the Akashic Readings and the coaching being separate things.  If I just had the reading and was left to handle the information alone, I’d feel very lost, and overwhelmed.  The coaching side has really helped in processing the information and having action points that I’ve been able to work on in digestible chunks.

I know and believe that there is a purpose I am to follow and I recognise I can have the fulfillment I want and desire.  It’s been and still is life transforming. Thanks so much I really really appreciate it!