“I have been struggling with infertility and many failed rounds of fertility treatments. I now have a son who I conceived naturally…

I have been struggling with infertility and dealing with many rounds of failed fertility treatments. I felt as a result of all these negative experiences I had developed emotional blocks and felt this within my body. I was really looking to view my situation from a different angle and let go of these block that had formed.

I realised that I also had a deep fear of pregnancy which I wanted to let go of too. I had tried acupuncture, reflexology and seen a psychologist but felt that none of these treated me holistically. I have developed an increased awareness of my thoughts and learned to view things differently. I feel that I let go of my many block both emotionally and physically.

I have gained so much from my Reiki treatments with Natasha and I have relaxed and let go in ways I didn’t thing possible and felt the difference in such a short space of time. And now I am a proud mum of my baby boy!”

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