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Do you need help breaking repeating cycles?
Unlock your true potential with Mind, Body & Soul Energy

The modern world appears to demand we race consistently at top speed, with little more than a passing glance at what we really want from life. We end up merely existing, with our soul purposes forgotten and our true potential unmet.

There is so much more to life. You have much more to give and more to receive. You need support breaking the repeating cycles that are holding you back.

Are you a CEO stuck stagnant at the top, unsure of what else there is in life to reach for. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur whose world-changing ideas are losing momentum. Maybe you’re a frazzled mother, squeezing an unrewarding career into school hours. The services I offer will reconnect you with your inner self, and realign your journey.

I work intuitively to help guide you and uncover what’s standing in your way of being successful you. I’ll arm you with mindfulness tips, tools and techniques along the way to revitalise your inner self. You’ll learn how to cultivate your motivation and reposition yourself back onto the path you feel unable to find.

Nothing can be achieved without hard work and commitment; there are no quick fixes! Without purpose and focus, we can not achieve anything. To get the most out of our partnership, you need to be open to really doing some soul searching. You’ll be looking deep within yourself and placing importance on inner reflection. This is where we truly reconnect with who we are and our purpose.

The process between us is fluid, guided by what we uncover step by step. Everything we do, every stone we uncover and every step we take will add value onto your journey to realign your soul purpose.

This is all about you finding your purpose and the right path for you

Why work with me?

Coming from the corporate world, I had learned how to live by processes and deadlines. I felt I was on the hamster wheel – working harder, going faster, saying yes to more, trying to prove myself to others. I was exhausted, stressed and tired.

I am a product of my own journey, having learnt and utilised all the practices I now teach.

People want quick fixes, but life is an ongoing journey. Together we will embark on journey of self discovery. We’ll understand what you want and what is holding you back.

I’ve guided almost 100 individuals through my programmes, all under my full satisfaction money back guarantee.

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Natasha at a glance

Educator – I’m a trainer for one of the largest coach training schools in the UK

Cultivator – I’m a supervisor and mentor for other coaches

Accredited – With the ICF (International coaching federation)

Innovator – creating new ways to bring mind, body, soul together

Our TestimonialsHappy Customers

“I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt. Eight months later I am more confident and happier.”

Mindfulness Coaching Programme

“I was feeling overwhelmed and never had time for myself, but now I have tools to help build a daily routine."

Energy Healing & Coaching Programme

“I saw some immediate changes in the way I was processing my emotions. I am now so much happier, more confident, and I’m more in control of my emotions and destiny."

Energy Healing Programme

“This has helped me find my best path through any given situation."

Mindfulness Coaching Programme