Akashic Relationship Reading


🌟  Do you want a deeper understanding of your relationship with your loved one?
🌟 Are you ready to transform the dynamics in your relationship that are keeping it stuck?

Are you ready to discover the
missing pieces of your Relationship?

Note: these readings can also be for a partner, family member, business partner, close friend, or for someone that’s passed 💓 
Do you experience any of this in your relationship:

💫 Get frustrated and impatient with them

💫 Wish they other person would change so life would be much easier

💫 At a loss of how to communicate effectively with them

💫 Lost the spark and the fun together

💫 Feel you just don’t understand them at all

💫 Get a sense you’ve known this person for many lifetimes

💫 These readings offer such a great insight into who the other person is.

💫  They also allow you to move beyond the patterns that have been keeping the relationship stuck – possibly for many lifetimes!

In this programme you will:

💓 Gain clarity of who this person truly is at soul level

💓 Understand the dynamics that are playing out in your relationship

💓 Uncover shared past lives together

💓 Heal past experiences (both present and past life)

💓 Discover how to show up fully in your relationship

💓 Learn how to create a truly equal and harmonious relationship

What’s included:
  • 60 minute Akashic Relationship Reading  (1-2-1 with Natasha)
  • Akashic healing & clearing
  • Recording of the session
  • Bonus Activation Meditation to show up fully with love 💓

It’s time to let go of the past and bring back fun, love and harmony to the relationship!

PLEASE NOTE: The other person is not present in this session. You will be able to share information with them, but if they’d like to discover their part in the relationship they will need to book an additional session.

Are you ready to bring back the light to your relationship?

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It’s time to let go of the past and
bring fun, love and harmony back to your relationship


“I was surprised to learn we had so much past history together, but it made so much sense to understand why my partner and I have been unable to break free of our patterns until now.

This clarity has helped me let go of so many assumptions and there’s now a lightness to our relationship that’s been missing for a long time”

~ Sarah

“I was really curious to gain some insights from the akashic records on how to make the relationship with my partner stronger.

Understanding our past karmic tendencies,  that we are still acting out, has helped me to manage things differently and it’s completely changed things with my partner, and made problem solving much smoother…

Thank you Natasha.”

~ GJ

“My husband and I have been struggling with a particular issue for while.

Having a different perspective around how we relate to each other was quite insightful, and allowed me to approach the situation differently.

This reading helped me shift my perspective and gain actionable strategies to overcome conflict.

It is also a really fun and interesting session!”

~ Michelle

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