“I knew I had to start making changes in my life but I had no idea exactly what I wanted. Now with some support, I have tools to manage and improve my situation…

Before I started working with Natasha, I had arrived at a stage where I knew I had to start making changes, mainly in my career but in other areas as well, but I had no idea what exactly I wanted and how to get started. I was also struggling with some difficulties, concerning my workload and some problematic colleagues at work.

Although I never had coaching previously, I felt that my initial conversation with Natasha was really promising and I felt excited to start my sessions. I felt ready for change

I’ve found the whole process enjoyable! Even when I didn’t move forward with big steps, I always felt that I had made some kind of progress. I always felt secure to be open and honest in our sessions.

I have really enjoyed working with Natasha and found I was always looking forward to my sessions because Natasha always reassured and supported me. I always left much calmer and with a much clearer head.

I now have tools in my hand to manage or improve situations, where I always felt helpless beforehand.

I’d definitely recommend coaching to everyone, even if you don’t have huge issues to resolve. There is so much to discover about yourself and I’m amazed how much improvement we can make with a little help and encouragement!