I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt. Eight months later I am more confident and happier….

Before I started working with Natasha I was very in my head, stressed, anxious and full of self-doubt about situations at work. My self-confidence was knocked and I felt like I had no one to talk to about it in an objective and constructive way.

I have always looked forward to my coaching sessions and I always felt like I had plenty of time. The organic flow of each session worked really well and my sessions linked together, allowing for certain insights to reveal themselves. I had a sense of personal awareness that I could act on.
I feel significantly more confident, happier and more grounded in my body. The greatest impact has been the understanding the power of intentions and my personal strengths and how both can be directed into positive action.

It’s been an absolutely pleasure working with Natasha and I got exactly what I needed from my coaching sessions. Natasha’s gentle guiding towards making my own personal discoveries has been instrumental in its success – thank you!”

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