“I had an inconsistent lifestyle due to long hours at work, depression and unhealthy eating and now I have more confidence in myself and the courage to dream big!…

My biggest challenge before working with Natasha was my inconsistent life style. I’ve always aimed to be fit and eat healthy food but there were periods in my life where my life was far from healthy; long work at hours, depression and unhealthy eating. It caused me a lot of stress and impacted negatively on my family. I needed to get my balance back.

It’s been a great pleasure to work with Natasha, and now I now live a healthier life. I lost 7 kg in my first month and exercise every day. I have now been on Whole Food Plant Based Diet for months and I feel great! I’ve got more confidence in myself and the courage to dream big!

The benefits of the Akashic reading and clearing have been enormous. It’s like getting a direction. In the moments of hesitation or doubt I go back to my strengths and I’m able to move on again.
Reiki & energy healing has also given me this extra energy to go ahead with my actions. I feel like Reiki has reinforced my intentions.

I’ve loved every moment of our work and would like to say THANK YOU again for your professionalism and support.”