“My life was spiraling out of control but I now realise my own worth in my business and that I deserve to be recognised too…

After lamenting to a friend about how my life was spiraling out of control, he mentioned that a colleague of his was a life coach, and that it might help me. Meeting with Natasha has been great.

She’s warm and welcoming, but also no-nonsense and directs the conversation towards the focus of getting your life on track. Her questions are designed to help me develop my own answers to my questions. Natasha helped me realise my own worth in my own business – I wasn’t giving myself enough credit, and it was getting me down.

I now know that my business would never have materialised if it wasn’t for me, and that I, too, deserved to be recognised. Life is an ongoing project. I am still working through the day-to-day stresses, as well as my personal organisation and financial management, but it helps to have someone like Natasha in your corner, helping you sort things out.”

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