My biggest challenges have been my anxiety and my uncertainty in myself and my career and I learned so much about myself and lots of things started to make sense….

My biggest challenges have been my anxiety, my uncertainty in myself and my career, as well as not really knowing my own strength.
I have never invested into a programme that was primarily spiritual before and so was curious and a little unsure how this may work for me but I was also really excited to give it a try.

Doing the Akashic Reading following by some Coaching has been really great. Natasha is very patient and has a real calmness which enabled me to go with the flow. I learned a great deal about myself from the very first session and a lot of things started to make sense.
My biggest benefit has been admitting that I always take on too much and overload myself with work which then leads to anxiety down the line and an inability to recognise when I am actually doing well or have achieved something. I also like thinking of things from a spiritual angle as opposed to completely factual.

The coaching was very useful and I needed to connect and understand how to put everything I discovered in the Akashic Reading into practice in my own life.

I would highly recommend Natasha and her unique way of working!”