I’ve learnt to trust more in who I am, what I see; to stand in my strengths and believe in my intuition and myself…

I found I kept experiencing the same issues around finances, dependence and not being seen and heard and my biggest challenge was that I wasn’t always conscious of the choices I made and the actions I took.

I was intrigued and open to what may show up in the Akashic Reading and it was an eye opener. It was scarily accurate and quite literally blew me away. It reinforced what I knew to be true about me. What my natural gifts were and my divine nature that ultimately had determined my career choices (albeit unconsciously at the time). I could also see why I held certain fears and what obstacles I hadn’t overcome. I could now connect the dots looking backwards. Armed with this knowledge I’ll be able to make more informed conscious choices going forward.

Completing the ‘reading’ with the Reiki was invaluable in helping to cement the learning. By being conscious of what was showing up for me in the weeks in-between the sessions, Natasha was then able to work on clearing any remaining blocks through the Reiki.”

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