Mindfulness to help you slow down and cope with the ‘busy’

Mindfulness has been a hot topic for some time now, but are you still wondering what it’s all about, and how it can help you?

Life is busy isn’t it? Do you feel that it seems to be getting busier and busier?

If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Everything seems to change so fast and for many of us we feel like we have to speed up in order to keep up. 

We’re lost in the sea of busyness, and we don’t know how to adapt to all this change.

We seem to be doing things faster than ever to keep up. And that causes us to get stressed or feel like we can’t stop, even for a second, to catch our breath. 

This is where mindfulness can change everything for you.

Mindfulness is all about how you bring your attention to what you are doing right now in this very moment, rather than letting your mind wander off to the past or the future.

Being mindful helps you become more aware of what’s not working for you. It gives you an opportunity to do things differently and it then creates a powerful shift in your life.

As we go through our days, we miss so much! How often have you arrived somewhere and have no idea how you got there? You can’t retrace your steps, perhaps because you were too busy thinking about what you had to do next, or you were caught up thinking about something that happened earlier that you can no longer change.

Do you sometimes feel like life is quite literally passing you by?

So, as you start to become aware and take more notice of what’s going on around you, you are able to start making small changes to how you go about your day to day life in manageable ways. 

This is the first step to mindfulness so that it starts to become a way of being, rather than something else we have to do!

By doing something – anything – mindfully you automatically slow down a little. 

But that doesn’t mean you get less done. 

Instead, you are experiencing the moment as it actually happens. This helps you to let go of all the things that are whirring around your mind and cause you to get stressed or anxious. You start to let go of any judgement and accept the situation for what it is. 

In fact, you actually start to get more done!


YOU CAN TRY IT OUT TODAY: Walk down the road today and notice everything. Put your phone, and any other distractions away. Notice the people passing by? Are they men or women? What are they wearing? Are they smiling or do they look happy? What cars are on the road? What are the buildings like on the other side of the road? What have you walked past 100 times before and never noticed?  

As you go about your day, start to notice these little things more and more. What else do you notice?

Remember:  Start small and build from there.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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