How to step into your power

Is your fear of what others think holding you back from living your purpose?

Are you afraid to speak up and express your truth?

Do you hide quietly in the background so you don’t have to show up?

I have always felt more comfortable blending into the background.

Those that know me best, might not agree with that statement. But that’s only because they make me feel completely safe to be me and speak my truth. 

Sometimes it’s safe to be ourselves. 

And at other times fear of being criticised, being questioned, bring wrong stops us and holds us back. 

I used to hate having my photo taken. It made me feel so uncomfortable, and completely exposed. 

I always avoided the camera and having my photo taken. 

But lately I’ve embraced having my photo taken as I really want people to see the ‘true’ me, especially when it comes to being seen in my business. 

I feel ready to be seen. Ready to be seen as a person who is passionate about what she does. Who is here to stand up and make a difference in this world that desperately needs change and where the old ways of doing things no longer works. 

How to step into your power

Seeing this photo got me wondering what’s changed for me and why it no longer feels so exposing to share this photo that was taken in Mexico a few weeks ago. 

What I see is, how much more comfortable I am in my own skin. 

I’m even comfortable with my crazy mad curls, which I now embrace as being part of me… I no longer try to straighten, shine and polish myself to fit in with the fashion. 

Perhaps it’s age. Perhaps it’s an acceptance of growing older, but mainly just growing. I love that I am 45. I have had incredible experiences in my life. I’ve had challenges. I have been curious to learn and to grow. I have had to let go in order to move forwards. 

And I can honestly say I love myself more today than I have ever done. 

That’s not easy to say. But it’s true. 

I still have my challenges, that’s for sure. I still get things wrong. I still make mistakes. And that’s ok. I no longer give myself such a hard time for it. 

One thing I do recognise is that I am certainly more peaceful and I am happy being me. 

Stepping into your power is a gradual and ever evolving process. It’s not something you do overnight.

It’s something that evolves over time. And the more you step into alignment with your passion and soul purpose the more comfortable you will feel in your own skin.

Be curious about what’s getting in your way and who you want to become

Be willing to learn new things about yourself and grow

Be patient and allow things to unfold

My journey is still unfolding. There is no ‘arrival’ and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Remember:  Start small and build from there.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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