Does working harder really bring more success?

Are you working longer and longer hours to get everything done?

Are you putting in even more effort to get the recognition you deserve?

But do you still feel like you’re chasing success no matter how hard you work? In your business? In your relationships? With your health?

In my last blog I explained why clarity and purpose was so important to success and how giving generously will accelerate your success. You can read it here

But today I’m inviting you to lean into this idea that working harder really does not bring more success…. 

I am currently part of a large mastermind group. By being surrounded by likeminded entrepreneurs it keeps me motivated me and moving forwards. I believe we are always stronger and learn more together, and it’s a space to explore ideas and stretch our belief systems.

This week, someone posted a quote in this group.  And it really triggered me.

The quote was this: “Work like hell. Put in 100 hour weeks, every week. While others are putting in 40 hours, even if you’re doing the same thing you’ll achieve in 4 months, what they achieve in a year.” ~ Elon Musk

An image of an unhappy, disconnected and unwell society flashed before me.  I’ve been part of that system and it did not work for me. It was not good for my health and I was probably only putting in around 60 hours a week. I got out because I firmly believed there was a different way to thrive and be successful. 

And there truly is a different way to find success.

We are seeing this old corporate paradigm no longer works. People are recognising that they no longer want to spend their time doing something that does not fulfil them

There is a huge difference between effort and hard work.

If you are spending 100 hours on the wrong things you will never hit success. Chances are you’ll be so busy you won’t even see things are at breaking point until it’s staring you hard in the face.

Here are my tips on how to shift ‘from hard work’ to effort.

  1. Work smarter. Sit down and work out what 2 or 3 keys actions are going to get you to where you’re going and focus on those. Get good at them. Don’t try 5 different strategies, you’ll spread yourself too thin. 
  2. Tweak or eliminate. Figure out what you’re doing that’s not working for you or always feels like a struggle. Find a different way of doing it that makes it flow easier for you. Stop doing all those things you feel you ‘should’ do. You know what they are 😉
  3. Delegate. Ask for help and get support. Ask friends and family to pitch in more and relieve some of the pressure so you don’t feel you have to do everything. Spread the load with colleagues and talk to someone about your challenges so you can look up and see a different way of doing things that will work better for you.
    Many people come to me because they’ve been working in this way for years and they are struggling emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

    It’s exhausting and once you’ve fallen into this way of working, it becomes very difficult to change these working habits.

So if you’re saying: “I’ll work less when I’m successful”, the chances are you will continue doing what you’ve always done.

It’s time to change these patterns and find a better way that works for you and those around you. 

You too can unlock your soul wealth abundance and thrive.

Remember:  Start small and build from there. You have to put in effort, but not work so hard. Soul wealth abundance is available for us all. And it comes from stepping into your flow. You might take a few wrong turns before stepping completely into your flow but that’s ok. Keep tweaking, you’ll get there

Much love,

Natasha x 

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