Don’t let disappointment stop you in your tracks

You know that excitement you feel when you have a brand new idea? Or when a new project opportunity comes up and you can’t wait to get started on it? Or you’re lit up by finally discovering your life purpose? 

But then all of a sudden you discover something that blows that excitement out the window.

It’s disappointing, right? You feel like you were on the wrong track, barking up the wrong tree…you feel embarrassed for getting so excited in the first place. Self doubt creeps in about your idea…… 

You’re ready to give up on your idea, and turn right around to get back in your comfort zone.

Disappointment is fear wrapped up in disguise. 

So how do you not allow it to stop you entirely? 

In last week’s live training I show you how to tackle disappointment (and other forms of fear) and to keep going!

Watch the training video below to discover:

  1. How it may actually be a sign that you’re on the right track
  2. There are no barriers to your vision other than those you put on yourself
  3. The opportunities that may come from disappointment

Rewrite the script of your life and step into your Soul Purpose

Much love,

Natasha x 

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