The 3 gentle skills that will give you super powers ~ Guest Speaker Carolyn Creed

Recently, I was delighted to interview the amazing Carolyn Creed, a business and leadership coach who harnesses the Gentle Power and wisdom of horses.

Our intuition is our greatest business partner and we often ignore it. Somehow, we don’t quite believe that we are the authority in our business, and no one can tell us how to run it. 

This is a must watch for you if you’re interested in knowing how you too can throw away the trappings of modern ways and allow your intuition to guide you forwards. This is exactly what led Carolyn to having her best year in life and business. 

And we talk about what it means to hire your own CIO – this was a true highlight for me in the interview! 

Carolyn shares some great tips in this 20 minute powerful and deep conversation.

Watching will shift your thinking around business and allow you to step into a new way of leadership, that is very much needed right now.

Rewrite your script to have a thriving business so you can step onto the path of success and freedom.

Much love,

Natasha x 

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