3 tips for a fun Christmas!

Happy Happy Christmas to everyone!

This isn’t always an easy time for year for some people. It can sometimes feel like we’re expected to put on a brave face, be seen to have fun and get in the spirit of things. This can be hard to live up to!

Fun is whatever you want it to be and you can choose however you want to spend it.

For me it’s finding my own perfect balance between being with those I love and ensuring I take time to myself.

In this video I share with you some tips to put your own needs first so you can have fun – whatever fun means to you 🙂

So, whatever you’re up to, I want to take this opportunity for say thank you to you all. To all of you that I have worked with and am still working with. To all those who I’ve had the pleasure to talk to this year. And to everyone else that shares my vision for making the world a brighter and better place for all that reside here on beautiful mother earth.

Finally, in the spirit of giving back, I would also like to acknowledge a couple of charities that my business has supported this Christmas.

  1. The Mayhew Animal Rescue – for many homeless people on the streets their pets are all they have. The Mayhew supports the care of their pets through treatment and vaccinations ensuring they are healthy and medically cared for. The Mayhew is where I found Chloe who always joins me for my morning meditation practice.
  2. Crisis – another great charity helping those on the streets inviting them for Christmas dinner and warm shelter. Homelessness is an increasing problem on our streets in London, and offering connection with others in this way, allows them to be seen and heard during this difficult time.
  3. Amazon Project – I am currently looking for an on the grounds project working with local people in the amazon since all the fires. If you know of any grass root charities, please hit reply and tell me about them! In the meantime I will keep looking!

In the spirit of love, I wish you all a wonderful festive season, whatever you are doing, and how you’re doing it!

Love to you all,

Natasha x

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