A Potent Akashic Activation For Summer Solstice

A few weeks ago I was asked to guide a group of 250 people at the Summer Soulstice Festival, through an Akashic Activation Meditation.

There were many powerful speakers from all around the world on this incredible online Festival that stretched over 3 weekends to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

It was a full moon and I was strongly guided to host this surrounded by the beauty and the sounds of nature in Hampstead Heath.

It truly is a beautiful high energy spot, right in London, where you can hear the birds singing all around me throughout the whole meditation.

We are being called upon at this incredible time in our planet’s history to be still, connect and create space to access new spiritual wisdom so that we can be part of the shift that is happening 💓

I take you on an exploration of the Akashic records for a deeper understanding and reflection on how they hold the ancient wisdom that will allow you to stand further in your soul light and activate the abundance that’s already within you

It was magical. It was powerful. It’s time to activate the abundance that’s already within you 💓

We hope you love it!
With Love & Abundance,
Natasha x

P.S Hit reply and share what powerful insights came to you.

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