Kundalini Yoga & Leadership in the New Paradigm ~ Guest Speaker Bahar Boostani

In this episode of the Akashic Business Wisdom Show I have been chatting to the lovely Bahar Boostani.

Bahar beautifully blends her skills as a coach, kundalini teacher and artist to support her clients to reconnect with what lights up their souls and craft a crystal clear plan for their future.

In this episode, Bahar guides you through a powerful Kundalini meditation and breathing technique called the Ego Eradicator, to open a Universal Wisdom Channel.

Change is happening on a global scale, whether we like it or not. And to be a successful leader you need to FEEL the success within you NOW.

You’ll leave feeling more empowered and successful, that’s for sure 💓

You can find Bahar here: https://www.baharboostani.co.uk/

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Much love & abundance


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