Elevate your Expertise Online ~ Guest Speaker Hannah Velten

In this episode of the Akashic Soul Wisdom Show I am so excited to welcome Hannah Velten to speak on the Show.

This conversation is a real treat!

Hannah has a fascinating story about how her business has been through an expansive rebirthing process over the last few years.

Businesses are never static. They are always expanding and growing and evolving into something new.

Your business will be doing the same, and when you bring a conscious awareness to this process, you will evolve and expand alongside it.

This is the process of rebirth. And the results are magical.

Hannah shares her inspiring story of her search for her lost brother, Chris, and how she is now honouring his lost stories.

Hannah’s business evolved from ghost-writing memoirs to being a spirit medium and grief healer.

She had to go on a fascinating journey of rebirth to overcome the fears of her family, friends and colleagues’ reactions to her chosen path.

This is a story that will resonate with you all.

You can connect with Hannah here:

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Much love & abundance

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