Business Magic

In this episode of the Akashic Business Wisdom Show, I guide you through an Akashic Activation Meditation for Business Magic.

I don’t really believe in magic!

I think there’s a bit of a misconception about magic and how it works.

Magic for most of us, feel like it’s a bit trial and error. A bit of wishful thinking.

Magic is not something that happens to us.

Magic is something we create.

You are an active participant in the magic.

In fact, you are the magician.

When you know how to use the magic wand you hold, you start to create all sorts of magic.

You have no idea how powerful you truly are!

In this episode of the Akashic Business Wisdom Show come and join me to receive some strong guidance through the wisdom of the Akashic Records on how to create some Business Magic.

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With Love & Abundance,
Natasha x

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