Akashic Activation Meditation: Activate your power

In this Akashic Activation, you will strengthen your trust in yourself and the Divine and watch the magic unfold
I pick a card from one of my many powerful card decks, and we play with the wisdom that comes, and the magic that exists.
Join me for a powerful 20 minutes to tap into your infinite and Divine wisdom within and play in the quantum field to see what’s possible.
Let’s get some strong guidance and support for our next level of leadership and impact!

In case you’d forgotten, you are a truly powerful creator!

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine

As you harness the wisdom within you become so much more powerful

You are a beautiful and unique being

How you express your power and wisdom is completely unique to you

You have a unique frequency and code within you

You can’t learn a strategy for this

There are no 7 steps to getting ‘there’

It’s not something you can model from someone else

Your wisdom flows through you as you activate it

It requires patience and a whole load more trust

Let’s activate your power even more!

Leave us a comment and some love if you’re watching the replay ♥️

With Love & Abundance,
Natasha x

P.S Share what powerful insights came to you.

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