Grow your business your own way ~ with Sally Oddy

In this Inspiring Conversation’s Show I talk to Sally Oddy.

Join us to learn how Sally answers her soul’s call and started to walk a very different path, one which lead her on a huge personal and professional journey.

Having suffered major burnout in 2010 which was the sign and nudge from the universe that she needed to get out of her corporate life

So many of us are led to walk a similar path, ultimately leading us to start our own business and follow our soul’s call.

Now Sally supports amazing purpose-driven women to create sustainable and profitable online businesses, so they can shine as the experts they are.

She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the women she supports, with over 20 years experience in her field.

Sally shares the ups and downs that many of us experience, but ultimately it’s how we continue to lead ourselves back to our own way of doing things, that truly allows our business to flourish.

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