Sparkle in Business ~ with Kate Decker

In this Inspiring Conversations Show I talk to Kate Decker.

Kate, or better and more aptly known as the Sparkle Queen, is an intuitive business & success coach, who leads women in designing their dream life and business through desire, intuition & subconscious reprogramming.

In this fascinating conversation we chat about all things manifestation and how to create quantum leaps in your business, something that can often feel somewhat out of our reach.

Kate loves to help women to build the life they’ve always dreamed of by utilising simple but effective tools for smart business…

Like Kate, I believe we can all walk and create our desires via a much easier path. If you feel like you’re still putting in too much effort into your business to create the results, this is for you.

Come and join us to hear Kate integrates joy as the foundation of her business, and how we can all do the same!

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