Akashic Activation Meditation: Leap into 2023

Join me for this Live Akashic Show where we channel strong guidance from the cards and the Akashic Records
I pick a card from one of my many powerful card decks, and we play with the wisdom that comes, and the magic that exists.
Join me for a powerful 20 minutes to tap into your infinite and Divine wisdom within and play in the quantum field to see what’s possible.
Let’s get some strong guidance and support for our next level of leadership and impact!

I’ve heard it from so many in my circles.

It’s been a tough year even for those well-seasoned healers, and those who’ve been on the journey for many years.

We’ve been truly tested.

We’ve had to deepen our trust in the unknown.

We’ve had to surrender even further.

We’ve had to rip out old wobbly foundations to build stronger ones.

We’ve had to release the old paradigm that has still been so running deep.

We’ve had to go deeper, stretch wider and become stronger than ever.

We don’t always get it right ~ we are human after all.

But we learn from every experience to make us wiser each day.

This is how we spread more love, honesty and integrity into the world.

If it’s been tough for you, know that you’ve not been alone.

We’re made of stronger stuff than we give ourselves credit for.

I just want to remind you how powerful you truly are!

2023 is going to be the year you amplify all the growth and expansion of the past year.

It’s going to be huge.

Leave us a comment and some love if you’re watching the replay ♥️

With Love & Abundance,
Natasha x

P.S Share what powerful insights came to you.

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