Women’s Empowerment Series ~ with Dr. Hynd

Join Dr. Hynd and me in her Women’s Empowerment Series, where we talk about the Wonders of the Akashic Records.

I share my story from being a Computer Programmer to now teaching and sharing the wisdom of the Akashic Records

They are both about coding and recoding. Programming and reprogramming.
See, not really a million miles apart!

When women work together, we become powerful. Dr. Hynd’s series is a beautiful reflection of this. I highly recommend you connect with women all around the globe.

Connect with Dr. Hynd:

Website: balmethod.com
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/hynd-bouhia-phd-0289a3a3
Instagram: instagram.com/hyndbouhia
Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/212127987771543

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